True Grout

The True Grout Truth!

Our revolutionary patented True Grout technology is thelatest creative innovation in the vinyl flooring market. It is a vinyl layerwith extra scratch-resistant UV polyurethane fused to a rigid DFC* backing,waterproof and mildew resistant with a grout line that looks truer than life.

True Grout is offered in tile and plank Format

Designs and colors range from natural wood visuals toceramic and travertine looks

100% waterproof and resistant to all incidents of everydaylife

Resistant to bacteria and mold

Can be installed over any rigid subfloor

Can be installed in any room of your house

Easy to install with the glueless clic system

Wear layer of 0.5 mm / 20 Mil, cured UV polyurethane forbetter protection against tears and gouges

Easy to clean

PURE product for health living contains no V.O.C. orPhthalates, Floorscore approved

*DFC: Densified foam core